Thursday, October 3, 2013

Reconstructing Diderot: Eighteenth Century French Bookbinding - Lecture TODAY

TODAY at 5pm will be a lecture given by Jeff Peachey, esteemed conservator, scholar and toolmaker, on eighteenth century French bookbinding as part of the Syracuse University Libraries Brodsky Series for the Advancement of Library Conservation. This was a pivotal time in bookbinding history when the  traditional centuries-old handcraft was being unsettled by a rush of machines and quicker production methods. The lecture will be held at Bird Library in the Graham Scholarly Commons, 222 Waverly Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13244. For more information, visit 

from the Show-n-Swap-a-RAMA

Thanks to everyone that came out to our first Show-n-Swap-a-RAMA! (And to those who sent interest) It was wonderful to see projects such as a book set in progress exploring translucency of linocuts on different papers, a fine binding with snakeskin and inlaid actual fishing fly complete with slipcase, letterpress tools, stacks of decorative papers and more. There was also an artist book commemorating special teatimes with a daughter made by a new bookmaker. Stories and tips and news about bookbinding, letterpress and beyond were plentiful. Seeing projects and people in person was much better than on a flat screen! Keep an eye out for more events by Salt City Book Arts.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Let's Have a Show-n-Swap-a-RAMA!

Do you have book/printmaking/design works in progress or finished that you'd like to show or would you like to see someone else's? Do you have extra supplies crowding your studio that can be traded or sold off to someone who will use them? If the answer is YES to either or both of these, come over to the Delavan Building <501 W Fayette St, Studio #246, downtown Syracuse> on Sunday, September 29th from 1pm - 3pm. Bring projects to show what is happening in your work, be a part of the local book arts. Bring surplus materials to swap with other participants such as fabric, papers, ink, brushes, thread, buttons, or whatever manageable-sized items may help clear out your space.

Salt City Book Arts is pleased to host this first-ever Show-n-Swap-a-RAMA as an opportunity for artists and artisans to meet in camaraderie with a common interest in bookbinding, artist's books, letterpress, printmaking, design and paper-related arts. Let us know if you'll be able to join the fun (or just come over!) by emailing Let us know if there are further questions.

The Delavan Building is a large former warehouse that currently houses many vibrant artist studios in a variety of mediums and is located just off of Armory Square. Parking is available in the main lot and around the perimeter of the building. Handicapped accessible.


What: Show-n-Swap-a-RAMA
Where: 501 W Fayette Street, Delavan Building, Studio #246, Syracuse, NY 13204
When: Sunday, September 29th. 1pm - 3pm.
Why: to provide a forum for aficionados of the varied book arts to congregate locally.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Fun in Central New York

Here are a couple of wonderful opportunities to take in this summer!

1. Wells College Summer Book Arts Institute.
It's not too late to sign up for this incredible experience! Letterpress printing, bookbinding, lettering, typecasting, a veritable mecca of classes await you in July at Aurora, NY, an hour from Syracuse. There is nothing like a completely immersive week in the studio without the usual life distractions. Bask in the joy of working in well-equipped studios, joined by passionate fellow students from all experience levels, meals and bed provided, topped off with swimming in the beautiful lake across the street! Check out the brochure at  and more info at  Hope to see you there!

2. Art on the Porches.
On Saturday, June 15th, the Strathmore neighborhood of Syracuse will be hopping with excitement! It will be a thrilling and wonderful gathering of very talented artisans, live music of all sorts, gourmet refreshments, a Hands-on Art Center and good times with friends! There will definitely be fine bookbinding by Amaranth Press and Bindery and amazing hand-lettered wooden signs in vintage typographical style by Black Rabbit Sign Company. Stop on over! More info at

Sunday, April 14, 2013

More from the Second Syracuse Book Eating Party!

The dust has settled down, here's more pictures from the Party :)

A HUGE Thank You to our wonderful, kind donors and friends: Judi Witkin, Jackie Meadows, Lacey McKinney, Strong Hearts Cafe, Laura Wellner and Fred Wellner, Smock Fine Stationery, Amaranth Press and Bindery, Cayetano Valenzuela, Aaron Jenkins/The Black Arts Studio, Whitney Daniels, Robert Poorman, Barbara Conte-Gaugel, The Art Store / Commercial Art Supply, Sharon Alma, Jan Navales, CJ Hodge III, Kathryn Petrillo, Carmen Davis, Ken Nichols, Gloria Romeo, Nathan Wellner, Reg Sanford, Bill Delavan, Larry Macri and to everyone who came out and/or spread the word!!
Lime and Punishment by Molly Jessup
Lime remembering the horror
Oliver Twist created by the Team
Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea 
Lord of the Flies 
The Story of O created by Genevieve Nordmark
Fifty Shades of Gray by Edith Morin
Evil Bread - Minions by Katie Thomas. Detail of previously posted book
A Platter Medley!
Part of the Creative Cuisine Station
Bunny Bonanza! At the Creative Cuisine Station.
Caroline and helper reading off Fabulous Raffle prize winners!
Larry Macri, our guitarist for the day
Guests taking in the scenery

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Second Annual Book Eating Party!

Sunday's Book Eating Party was a ROUSING good time!! We had lots of guests that came to see the display of book concoctions and many that brought their own in too. It was so much fun to see the new books coming in the door and being built at our Creative Cuisine build-your-own station. We had lovely classical guitar music by Larry Macri, a talented and very swell guy. The Fabulous Raffle had many exciting prizes to cast tickets on. There was much anticipation and breath-holding as the winning tickets were read out. What a great time! Thank you very much to those that came out, our raffle prize sponsors, those who spread the word and continue to make Syracuse a vibrant and interesting place to live.

Here are some pictures already! There will more coming!
Guests of the Book Eating Party

Animal Farm by Vickie Holly, built at our Creative Cuisine Station 

Crepe Fear by Margaret Barry. 
Franks-in-Stein by Christophe Ennis

The Evil Bread by Katie Thomas
A Room with a View by Arlene Abend, built at the Creative Cuisine Station

The Sun also Rise by Shawn Spillane
Serving it up with Margaret Barry! Thank you :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Presenting the Second Annual Book Eating Party!!

Calling all Gourmets!!

Building on the success of last year's event, Szozda Gallery and Salt City Book Arts are again hosting a display and Book Eating Party on Sunday, April 7th from 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm. This unusual exhibit is a fun one where visitors of all ages get to not only create their own work but may also feast on them!

The gallery's event may be the only one of its kind here in this part of Central New York, but it is a popular annual happening since the early 1990's among cuisine-inspired bibliophiles and book-loving gourmets who termed the name "Edible Book Festival", a title that has enticed more and more readers and art enthusiasts to  unite in creating 'books' and book-themed sculptures with edible food such as bread, graham crackers, kale, chocolate, and pretzels, etc. One of the most interesting highlights of last year's event at the gallery was in watching children of all ages test their creative minds and hands in working favorite foods into their sculptures of favorite stories.

Caroline Szozda-McGowan, gallery owner and Salt City Book Arts invite everyone to join in the fun of a silly, sublime, witty and delicious celebration of nourishing books and refreshments. People wishing to participate are asked to bring in their creation earlier at 1:00 pm along with a sheet listing their name, book title and ingredients used. Entries may be book shaped such as a codex, accordion, scroll or tablet, and may also be based on a pun of a book title or depiction of of a particular book cover displayed next to the sculpted piece. The two hosts also wish to warn people to be 'prepared for a wonderfully unique event engaging genteel friends among professional artists and budding ones.' Adding to the mix of excitement is a fabulous raffle.

Szozda Gallery is an 800 square foot showcase and sales venue for fine art created by area artists. Conveniently located in downtown Syracuse at 501 West Fayette St., just a block beyond Armory Square, the gallery is free and open to the public. Off-street parking is available and the gallery is handicapped accessible. Regular gallery hours are Wednesday - Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. For further information, call the gallery at 315.579.2805.

Quick Details for Calendar Listings
"Edible Book Festival / Book Eating Party"
Sunday, April 7th, 2013, 2:00pm - 5:00 pm
Note: doors open 1:00 pm for advance entries

"Grapes of Wrap"

"Graham Cracked"
"Healthy Good"